7 Payment Testing Tools To Try in 2024

Projections indicate that by 2027, online retail purchases will constitute 23% of total retail transactions. As of 2024, 52% of online shoppers are making international purchases. With the rise of digital and online payments, online and in-app transactions are gaining significant traction in the market.

Are you considering implementing online or in-app payment systems? If so, ensuring the seamless functioning of every payment process step is important for shameless user experience. Here's a condensed selection of payment testing tools to help you navigate payment testing efficiently.

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7 Best payment testing tools in 2024

Here is the list of the best payment testing tools to try in 2024, according to our editors.


1. Global App Testing – “From payment gateways to crypto transfers, test that your payments work in practice”


Take a look at Global App Testing! We're putting ourselves first because we'd love to be on your supplier shortlist if you're looking for a payment testing solution.

Global App Testing specializes in crowdtesting, offering a range of testing services to help developers identify application bugs and defects. With a community of over 90,000 testers worldwide, we conduct tests across 190+ countries and with a mix of over 60,000 devices, ensuring wide test coverage and providing results within 48 hours. Trusted by industry giants like Meta, Google, and, Global App Testing delivers efficient testing solutions.

Key services include crowdtesting, real device testing, testing across multiple platforms, bug reproduction, usability feedback, and localization testing. Our easy-to-use platform provides detailed bug reports, test case results, and qualitative insights.

Besides payment testing, we offer various testing types such as usability testing, web and mobile app testing, accessibility testing, functional testing, exploratory testing, regression testing, and generative AI testing.

Our platform offers API integration and compatibility with project management tools like Jira, GitHub, and TestRail to streamline your testing process, allowing for efficient testing processes and task management.

Key features

Here are some key features of our payment/fintech testing:

  • Real human testing: Conducts tests with real humans using real identity documents and devices, ensuring authentic and accurate results for checkouts and transfers.
  • End-to-end payment verification: Verifies the entire customer journey from end-to-end, including integrated stacks, virtual cards, and bank app confirmations.
  • Compliance and security: Satisfies identity and legal requirements with real-identity testers, real cash movement, and ISO 27001 certification to prevent fraud and meet regulatory standards.
  • Enhanced checkout performance: Improves checkout completion rates through functional testing, localization testing, and UX reviews tailored for e-commerce businesses.
  • Cryptocurrency and blockchain testing: Specializes in testing cryptocurrency and blockchain products using real crowdtesting, ensuring the reliability and security of distributed systems like Bitcoin and Ethereum.
  • Virtual card testing: Tests the functionality of virtual cards to address potential bugs and regulatory changes in the payments industry.
  • Internationalization and localization: Tests localized backend attributes like date formats, keyboard layouts, and input methods to ensure the software adapts to different languages, currencies, and cultural norms.


2. EFTlab – “The confidence to move forward. ‍The agility to get there faster.”


EFTlab specializes in advanced testing solutions for electronic funds transfer (EFT) systems, providing tools to ensure the reliability and efficiency of payment processing infrastructures. Their suite of products includes simulators and validators designed to test various payment technologies, including EMV, contactless, and mobile payments.

EFTlab's solutions are widely used by financial institutions, payment processors, and technology providers to streamline development, enhance security, and ensure compliance with industry standards.

Key features

Some of the key features highlighted on the EFTlab website are:

  • Universal payment support: Processes and authorizes any payment type (cards, digital wallets, mobile payments, e-commerce tokens, cryptocurrencies) across various devices, ensuring compatibility and future-proofing.
  • Flexible authorization and settlement: Features a customizable authorization pipeline and stand-in authorization to ensure continuous service, along with settlement and reconciliation capabilities.
  • Big data and analytics: Collects and analyzes transaction data for insights into customer behavior, fraud activity, and product performance, supporting enhanced direct marketing and operational monitoring.
  • Cryptocurrency processing: Provides secure solutions for accepting and processing crypto payments, including wallet authentication, transaction approval, and integration with multiple crypto exchanges.
  • Real-time payments and open banking: Facilitates real-time payment processing and secure data exchange in open banking environments, offering intuitive digital experiences and broad access control.

3. Ubertesters – “Seamless Transactions, Verified Assurance. We Test with Precision.”


Ubertesters provides a platform for mobile app testing, specializing in crowdtesting and test management. With a global community of testers, Ubertesters offers on-demand, real-device testing to identify bugs and usability issues and ensure quality across different devices and environments.

Their platform includes features for test case management, bug tracking, and in-app bug reporting, streamlining the QA process for development teams

Key features

Some of the key features highlighted on the Ubertesters website are:

  • Global crowdtesting: Leverage a worldwide network of verified testers who use their own payment instruments to conduct real, in-market transactions, ensuring your payment systems are tested under genuine conditions.
  • Diverse testing scenarios: Perform testing across a variety of real-world environments, including digital channels and physical locations, to guarantee optimal performance of your payment systems everywhere.
  • Comprehensive payment methods: Test a wide range of payment methods, including credit cards, bank payments, e-wallets, and peer-to-peer payment methods, ensuring all transaction types are covered.
  • Scalable testing solutions: With Ubertesters, you can scale your testing efforts globally, with the flexibility to conduct tests anywhere and anytime, matching the scope and needs of your projects.

4. Fime – “New ways to pay. Made secure.”


Fime is a provider of consulting and testing services for the payment, telecom, and transport sectors. Specializing in secure transactions, Fime offers solutions to ensure compliance, security, and interoperability of payment systems and smart devices.

Their services include testing, certification, training, and advisory, supported by state-of-the-art laboratories and a global team of experts. Fime's expertise helps businesses navigate the complexities of digital payments, mobile communications, and secure identity, ensuring reliable and seamless user experiences across various platforms and technologies.

Key features

Some of the key features highlighted on the Fime website are:

  • End-to-end API testing services: Outsource API functional and security testing to Fime, allowing businesses to focus on innovation while ensuring reliable and secure APIs.
  • Host testing solution (HTS) for instant payments: Provides continuous, configurable, and automated testing for real-time payment implementations in a cloud-based sandbox environment.
  • Message injection and host simulation: Facilitates independent testing by simulating different domestic and cross-border RTP systems without dependency on external systems.
  • Scalable sandbox environment: Offers a cloud-based, scalable environment for continuous and adaptable testing of real-time payments, supporting various protocols and connections.
  • Card testing services: Provides functional, security, interoperability, and physical testing to accelerate the launch of innovative card solutions and ensure market compliance.

5. Revpanda – “Payment testing services for online businesses”


RevPanda is a digital marketing agency that helps businesses increase their online visibility and revenue. They specialize in SEO, PPC, social media marketing, content creation, and web design. Their team of experienced marketers uses data-driven strategies to deliver measurable results for their clients.

Additionally, Revpanda offers payment testing services to ensure seamless and secure transaction processes.

Key features

Some of the key features highlighted on the Revpanda website are:

  • Global transaction testing: Conduct extensive tests on transactions across various devices and operating systems to identify and fix potential issues, ensuring a smooth payment process for customers worldwide.
  • Enhanced transaction efficiency: Optimize payment processes to reduce transaction times and prevent disruptions, delivering a fast and efficient payment experience.
  • Localization and currency testing: Adapt and test payment systems for global markets, addressing issues related to currency conversions and local payment methods to ensure accurate cross-border transactions.
  • Support for multiple payment methods: Test and ensure functionality for over 120 different payment methods, including cryptocurrencies, to offer customers a variety of payment options.
  • Third-party payment testing: Tailor payment testing services to specific business needs, whether for e-commerce platforms, online casinos, grocery stores, or fintech companies, ensuring reliable and efficient transaction processing.

6. Iliad-solutions – “Supporting What’s New In The Payments Sector”


Iliad Solutions T3 is software that helps financial institutions test and validate their payment systems. It uses advanced technology to simulate real-world payment scenarios and identify potential defects or vulnerabilities.

T3 helps financial institutions reduce risk and avoid costly disruptions to their payment systems.

Key features

Some of the key features highlighted on the iliad-solutions website are:

  • Scalability: t3 is designed to support thousands of testers operating in different ways across hundreds of test teams, ensuring it can scale to meet the demands of large organizations.
  • Comprehensive testing: Ensures comprehensive testing coverage with support for various payment components, such as EMV-enabled chip cards, Digital Wallets, Real-time Payments, Clearing, and Settlement.
  • Integration with DevOps: Seamlessly integrates with external DevOps tools, promoting collaboration and synchronization between development and testing teams.
  • Service virtualization: This approach incorporates service virtualization technology, enabling the simulation of payment endpoints and scenarios ensuring thorough testing without dependencies on external systems.
  • Project-based testing & certification: t3 provides an intuitive GUI for project-based testing and certification, simplifying tasks for global and multi-lingual teams.

7. Applause – “Release Faster, With Confidence”


Applause is a digital quality assurance company that offers a range of testing services for web and mobile applications. These include functional testing, usability testing, payment testing, load testing, security testing, and localization testing.

The company also has a large community of professional testers from around the world who can provide feedback and insights on an application's user experience.

Key features

Some of the key features highlighted on the Applause website are:

  • Real transaction testing: Conduct tests using real accounts and live payment instruments, ensuring accurate simulation of actual transaction scenarios.
  • Global coverage: Access a wide range of in-market payment methods, both online and in-store, providing comprehensive coverage across different channels and geographies.
  • Root cause analysis: Go beyond pass/fail results to uncover the root cause of complex payment issues that may hinder transactions, allowing for targeted resolution and optimization.
  • Full visibility into customer payment process: Gain insight into the entire payment process from the customer's perspective, improving usability and reducing the risk of potential issues.
  • Support for new payment methods: Add new payment methods, digital wallets, or alternative payment methods (APMs) with confidence, knowing that testers are available globally to validate transactions.
  • Location-specific testing: To ensure accurate testing in specific markets, utilize testers from various regions who are familiar with local payment methods and practices.

How to choose the best payment testing tool?

When choosing a payment testing tool, it is important to consider several key factors to ensure that the tool meets your needs. Some of the key parameters to consider include:

  1. Functionality testing capabilities
  2. Security testing capabilities
  3. Compliance with industry regulations
  4. Scalability to handle increased workloads
  5. Ability to integrate with existing systems.

How can GAT elevate your payment systems?

Regarding payment testing, selecting the right QA partner is critical for ensuring that your payment systems meet the highest functionality, security, and compliance standards. It's important to consider factors such as your organization's unique requirements, budget, and the expertise of the testing company.

At Global App Testing, we specialize in payment testing services designed to meet your project's specific needs and goals.


Some of the features we offer include:

  • Customizable testing strategies tailored to your unique payment system requirements.
  • A comprehensive range of payment testing services to cover various payment industry standards and regulatory requirements.
  • Experienced testers from around the world who provide diverse perspectives and real-world feedback.
  • Collaborative communication channels that facilitate seamless interaction between testers and your development team.
  • Advanced testing methodologies to provide accurate results and insights.

Contact us today to find out how Global App Testing can help you achieve the highest standards of payment system quality.

We can help you drive payment testing as a key initiative aligned to your business goals

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